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Sloansville, New York
United States

  We are a small town family that recently started a farm in Upstate New York.

  We started off with 6 chickens and 2 Mini Pigs, (Which Mike never wanted). It was Great collecting our own eggs and using them. Mike and the mini pigs became great friends and now he is in love with pigs as much as Laura.
   We started to grow our farm. Starting to receive messages and phone calls of animals in bad situations that needed rescuing. (Let me tell you it is tuff to go in to some of these places and see the animals in the situations they are in). So that has become one of our main focuses. We have a few pigs and goats that we raised ourselves for breeding. We are now up to about 30 pigs, 12 goats, 20 Chickens, 10 Ducks, 5 Turkeys, 2 Peacocks and even a cow.
   About 80% of our herd Family has been rescued. We have some that are in there forever home because they need special care and attention for the rest of their life. The others, we work with everyday so they know people can be loving and caring friends. We have had many make it through our program and settle in to their new for ever homes great.
What we do is very costly for Medicine and Food so we were looking for a way to try to raise Money for the animals. We saw a video on Sublimating products and it really grabbed Mikes attention. So we set up shop in our kitchen, (Very inconvenient haha), and started practicing. We now are at the point we can start Selling our products. A lot of our products are based around farm animals because farm animals is our life and love. But we love the Holidays as well So we are loading up on those as well. 
     Feel free to drop us a line if you have a custom order you would like for any occasion, we also like doing Bulk orders.
     If you Would like to Follow our Farm and rescue we are @valleyviewminis on Facebook.
     Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little and find out why we do what we do.

We hand pick and hand make all our products to insure a quality product that will last a long time. . We have made an online store to try to help offset of the costs for rescued animals. So thank you for stopping by our shop and hopefully you find something you like. We are adding new product very often. 

Don't see what you need, just contact us to see if we can help you.

Bulk orders always accepted. Contact us first for help and pricing on large orders.


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